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Miller, David

  • George Hangay
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David Miller was born in 1890 in Glasgow and was educated in Edinburgh, Dunedin and Wellington, New Zealand. He had a keen interest in entomology from an early age. From 1916 he was Government Entomologist and in 1926 he joined the Cawthron Institute as Chief Entomologist in Nelson. While holding this position, in 1929 he also became the Director of the Forest Biological Research Station. He held this post until 1932, when he was appointed Assistant Director of the Cawthron Institute. He remained in this position until 1956; however, from 1937 until 1956 he was also the Director of the Entomological Research Station, when he became the Director of the Cawthron Institute. Dr. David Miller was a very active, productive entomologist, who left a great body of work behind. He published many scientific papers, monographs and books. One of his most read works is “Common Ins ects in New Zealand” (1971). He was a leading figure in New Zealand entomology, holding two or more important positions...

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