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2008 Edition
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Metcalf, Zeno Payne

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Zeno Metcalf was born at Lakeville, Ohio, in 1885. He received a B.A. degree from Ohio State University in 1908 and a D.Sc. from Harvard University in 1924. He was an instructor at Michigan State University from 1907 to 1908, followed by an appointment with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture from 1908 to 1912, before he joined the faculty at North Carolina State University. He served the balance of his career at North Carolina State, leaving for other universities only for brief periods. Metcalf served as head of the Zoology and Entomology Department from 1912 to 1950, as director of instruction for the School of Agriculture from 1923 to 1944, and as associate dean of the Graduate School from 1943 to 1950. Metcalf had an active professional life in addition to his administrative duties. He was a fellow of the Entomological Society of America and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He also served as president of the Entomological Society of America, the...

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