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2008 Edition
| Editors: John L. Capinera

Vector Capability of Blood-Sucking Arthropods: A Forecasting Matrix

  • Andrey N. Alekseev
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4020-6359-6_3944

The ability to predict the potential for hematophagous arthropods to become vectors of pathogens is important in assessing their potential hazard to human or livestock health. The question of why one or another pathogen can be transmitted by a particular blood-feeding arthropod (hematophage), but not vectored by others, was first posed by Russian scientist Evgeny Pavlovsky, who formulated a theory of natural focality of infections and parasitic diseases.

Vladimir Beklemishev, a specialist in invertebrate evolution, comparative anatomy and systematic, was apparently the first who attempted to answer this question. He proposed a matrix based on the taxonomy of the vectors and the pathogens. According to this matrix, the ability to transmit a certain pathogen is limited to certain taxa. For example, this matrix forecasted that Ixodesticks can transmit spirochetes, rickettsiae, and rickettsia-like microorganisms. However, the forecasting methodology was disregarded by the scientific...

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