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Masters, George

  • George Hangay
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George Masters was born in July 1837 in Kent, England. Not much is known of his early years, except that he was a horticulturist and when he migrated to Australia, he lived in Tasmania. Later, the amateur entomologist A.W. Howitt in Melbourne employed him. Consequently, many of the specimens which he collected are now in the Howitt Collection in the Museum of Victoria (Melbourne). In 1864 he became Assistant Curator and Collector of the Australian Museum in Sydney. In 1874 William John Macleay employed him as curator of his zoological collections. Masters remained in this position even after the collections (by then Museum) were transferred to the University of Sydney. He was a very good field worker, not only with insects but also with most vertebrate animals, especially birds. It was said that at time more than half of the natural history specimens in the Australian Museum were of his taking. As Curator of the Macleay Collections he participated in the “Chevert” New Guinea...

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