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Many-Plumed Moths (Lepidoptera: Alucitidae)

  • John B. Heppner
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Many-plumed moths, family Alucitidae, total about 184 species worldwide. The family is part of the superfamily Copromorphoidea in the section Tineina, subsection Tineina, of the division Ditrysia. Adults small (7–28 mm wingspan), with head smooth-scaled; haustellum naked; labial palpi porrect, mostly with long second segment; maxillary palpi 3–5-segmented (rarely vestigial). Wings with rounded shape (hindwing merges with forewing margin) and all veins as separate wing clefts to near the wing bases, and fringed (at least one Neotropical species has the clefts split only half way in from the termen). Maculation shades of gray, with various bands or spots, but a few with shades of brown or yellow, or white, and both forewings and hindwings with matching or merging patterns. Adults active in deep shade, or may be crepuscular. Larvae are borers or gall makers as far as is known. The few plant records are in Bignoniaceae, Caprifo liaceae, Compositae, Dipsaceae, Labiatae, and Rubiaceae.


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