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Mann, William M

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William M. Mann was born at Helena, Montana, on July 1, 1886. He was interested in animals beginning in his childhood, and he earned a B.S. degree at Stanford University in 1911, and a Sc.D. at Harvard University in 1915. The latter degree was earned under the guidance of William Morton Wheeler, so it is not surprising that Mann became an authority on ants. He was appointed to the United States Department of Agriculture, where he worked as a specialist on ants, from 1917 to 1925. In 1925 he became director of the National Zoological Park of the Smithsonian Institution, and served in this capacity until his retirement in 1956. In this capacity he traveled over much of the world, and became renowned as a collector of wild animals. He discovered many new species, and was featured many times in National Geographic Magazine. He is remembered as a creative and progressive zoo director, and received many awards from zoological park organizations. He died October 10, 1960, in Washington, DC.


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