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Macleay (Sir) William John

  • George Hangay
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William John Macleay was born on June 13, 1820, in Wick, Scotland. His parents died early and he had to discontinue his medical studies at Edinburgh University, and in 1839 he migrated to Australia. He accompanied his cousin, William Sharp Macleay (a son of Alexander Macleay, the founder of the greatest Australian natural history collection at the time, which later became known as the Macleay Collection and consequently the Macleay Museum). For about 16 years he lived in the rural Murrumbidge area of New South Wales, chiefly as a pastoralist and woolgrower. His interest in natural history was evident from an early age and he collected insects, many of which he described later on as new species. He also assisted his cousin in various curatorial tasks at the Macleay Collection, then housed in Elizabeth Bay House, in Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay. When William Sharp Macleay died in 1865, the collection was entrusted to the care of William John, who left the Murrumbidge property and moved into...

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