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2008 Edition
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Grote, Augustus Radcliffe

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Augustus Grote (Fig. 60) was born in Liverpool, England on February 7, 1841, of a Welsh mother and German father who moved with him to a farm in New York when he was seven. As a schoolboy he spent much time collecting insects. His hopes of attending Harvard University were dashed when his father’s investments failed and the family was left in straitened circumstances. He did, however, receive an A.M. degree from Lafayette College, Pennsylvania, after studies in Europe. In Alabama in the early 1870s, he studied the cottonworm, Alabama argillacea, eventually publishing five papers on it. On the death of his wife in 1873, he moved to Buffalo, New York, and worked as museum director. He was publisher of the Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural History and of a short-lived journal called “The North American Entomologist.” He wrote many articles on Lepidoptera, and produced with Coleman Robinson “A synonymical catalog of North American Sphingidae, with notes and descriptions” and a...
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