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2008 Edition
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Greater Date Moth, Arenipses sabella Hmps. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

  • Yousif Aldryhim
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The importance of the greater date moth as a date pest seems to be increasing. It is known from India, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt and Algeria.


The adult greater date moth is 18–22 mm long, with a wing span of 33–35 mm in males and 40–42 mm in females. They are light brown to yellowish. The head and thorax are light brown and the abdomen is silvery white, the front wings are brownish to yellowish with black scales and the hind wings are light brown. The eggs generally are laid singly, but also have been observed in clusters. They are creamy-white in color and spherical in shape. The larvae of the greater date moth are 28–35 mm in length and are dark pink in color. The pupae are elongated, about 18 mm in length, and are light brown.


The adult greater date moths are nocturnal, but attracted to artificial light. They hide in the inner side of the bases of the palm petioles during the daytime. The larvae are also nocturnal at high temperatures, but have been...

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