Encyclopedia of Entomology

2008 Edition
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Ghilarov, Mercury Sergeevich

  • Bella R. Striganova
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M.S. Ghilarov was born on February 22, 1912, in Kiev (Russian Empire, now the capital of the Ukraine). He was educated at the State University of Kiev (1929–1933) where he specialized in entomology. After graduation from the University, he worked as an entomologist in the Ukrainian Station of Plant Protection. In 1936 he accepted the position of the senior scientific worker in the State Research Institute of Rubber-bearing Plants in Moscow. He studied ecology of soil insects and influence of soil conditions on the fauna of pests in arable soils. In 1938 he obtained a Ph.D. degree. His further scientific interests turned into studies of general problems of insect adaptations to soil environment. In 1944 he moved to the Institute of Evolutionary Morphology, USSR Academy of Sciences (now the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences) in Moscow where he remained until the end of his life. In the 1940s he developed the concept of the evolutionary role of soil as an...

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