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2008 Edition
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Germar, Ernst Friedrich

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Ernst Germar was born in Germany on November 3, 1786. At 21 he moved to Leipzig and bought Hübner’ s insect collection. In 1810 he obtained a doctorate in philosophy from Universität Halle. That was the year when the first part of his (1810–1812) work “Dissertatio sistens Bombycum species...” was published. In 1911, he traveled to Dalmatia, resulting in a (1817) book “Reise nach Dalmatien.” In 1813 he founded an entomological journal “Magazin der Entomologie” which ran for six years, was interrupted, and resumed publication in 1839–1845, at which time it was merged into “Linnaea Entomologica.” He married Wilhelmine Keferstein in 1815. In 1817, he was appointed (at first without tenure) professor of mineralogy in Universität Halle. His other great entomological works were (1817–1847) “Fauna insectorum europae” and (1824) “Insectorum species novae...” He died in July 1853.


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