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Ganglbauer, Ludwig

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Ludwig Ganglbauer was born in Vienna on October 1, 1856. By the age of six, he had become interested in plants and beetles. He was educated at the Schottengymnasium in Vienna, obtained a teaching diploma in zoology and botany from Universität Wien, and taught for a few years at a high school. He accepted a position at the Wiener Hofmuseum (which later was renamed Naturhistorisches Museum) and by 1881 had begun publishing on the taxonomy of Coleoptera. These early publications gained him acclaim, and in 1898 he was named Kustos in the zoology department, in 1904 head of the zoology department, and in 1906 director. In 1881 he became one of the founders of the journal Wiener Entomologische Zeitung, and served as one of the editors for three years. His major work, a four-volume book “Die Käfer von Mitteleuropa” (1892–1905), was unfinished because of his early death, in Vienna on June 5, 1912. The published volumes are still widely used.


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