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2008 Edition
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Gall Wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)

  • Eileen A. Buss
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The Cynipoidea [Hymenoptera: Apocrita (Parasitica)] superfamily contains plant-feeding (phytophagous) and parasitic wasp species, but is best known for the gall wasps (family Cynipidae). The superfamily includes about 3,000 described species. The number of families within the Cynipoidea is a matter of debate. Some researchers subdivide the group into six families: Cynipidae, Ibaliidae, Liopteridae, Figitidae, Charipidae, and Eucoilidae. Others use different classifications, including four families (Cynipidae, Ibaliidae, Figitidae, and Himalocynipidae), or five families (Austrocynipidae, Ibaliidae, Liopteridae, Cynipidae, and Figitidae).
  • Order: Hymenoptera
    • Suborder: Apocrita (Parasitica)
      • Superfamily: Cynipoidea
        • Family: Cynipidae

In general, cynipids are either gall-makers or inquilines in galls made by other species. About 1,360 species have been described, but it is estimated that 3,000–6,000 species actually exist. Gall-making cynipids (Cynipinae) are similar to true parasitoids in...

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