Tongren Zhenjiu Shuxue Tujing

  • Richard Bertschinger
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The Tongren Zhenjiu Shuxue Tujing (Illustrated Canon of Acupuncture Points based upon the Bronze Figure) was written by Wang Weiji, and published in AD 1026. It has been a baseline in the identification of acupuncture points ever since. It is used not only in Chinese medicine, but also in acupressure as developed recently in the West, in shiatsu (pressure point massage) in Japan during this century, and in all acupuncture‐related disciplines.

By the Song Dynasty (AD 960–1126), after much copying and recopying, the locations of the points and channels had become confused. Because of this and the greater stability brought about by the Song reunification of the empire, the medical scholar Wang Weiji reorganized and collated all the then available material in order to locate and define the points precisely.

He produced a book which very quickly became the authoritative text throughout the country. It gave very detailed and accurate information concerning the points, the channels, the...

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