Tang Shenwei

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Tang Shenwei was a medical practitioner of the eleventh century. He was a native of Chongqing, Sichuan Province with the surname Shenyuan, and later he moved to Chengdu in the same province. He was born to a family of many generations of physicians and was an expert in medical science. During the Yuanyou period (1086–1094) of the Song Dynasty, his tutor was Li Duanbo. Tang inherited his tutor's medical knowledge and became quite adept at treatment. He was very virtuous, also he responded to any patient's call and never refused to see a patient, whether rich or poor. The only payment he asked was knowledge about a certain herb or an effective recipe (Tang 1957).

He was especially conversant in the herbal art. He compiled a 32‐volume Materia Medica of Classified Syndromes which was based on the combination of two other existing herbological works, the Jia you ben cao (Jiayou Materia Medica) and Tu jing ben cao (Illustrated Classic of Materia Medica). He added a large amount of new...

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