Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards

2013 Edition
| Editors: Peter T. Bobrowsky


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Geological Hazards; Geomorphological Hazards


Geohazard is a relatively new scientific term related to  Natural Hazard studies. It indicates geomorphological, geological, or environmental processes, phenomena, and conditions that are potentially dangerous or pose a level of threat to human life, health, and property, or to the environment.


Geohazards include subaerial and submarine processes, such as  Earthquake, volcanic eruptions, floods, erosion, debris flows, rockfalls, and other types of  Landslide and  Tsunami. Human-induced processes may also be considered as geohazards.

Since the term  Hazardrepresents a particular state of the geomorphic system that may develop further into a situation leading to damage or uncontrolled risk, studies in this field treat the changes in nature that may affect society. Geohazards research may be considered a fully geographical topic, since it includes both natural and social dimensions and is related to the complex...

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