Burden of Cancer in Serbia

  • H. Vlajinac
  • S. Sipetic-Grujicic
  • S. Jankovic
  • L. Markovic-Denic
  • J. Marinkovic
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The morbidity and mortality of cancers have a major impact on the population of Serbia. During 5-year period (1999–2003), the average standardized  incidence rates for all cancers (all sites but non-melanoma skin cancer) were 241.9/100,000 for men, and 215.4/100,000 for women. In men, the most frequent was lung cancer, followed by colorectal, prostate, bladder and stomach cancers. In women, the incidence was highest for breast cancer, followed by cervical, colorectal, lung and corpus uteri cancers. The average standardized  mortality rates for the same period were 159.5/100,000 for men, and 106.4/100,000 for women. In men the highest mortality rates were for lung cancer, followed by colorectal, stomach and prostate cancers. In women, breast cancer was on the first place as a cause of death followed by lung cancer, colorectal, cervical and stomach cancers. Stomach, colorectal, lung, breast and cervical cancers were responsible for 73,197 (19.9/1,000 population) disability adjusted life years – DALYs in men and for 60,482 (15.6/1,000) DALYs in women, on a yearly basis. The participation of years of life lost from premature mortality ( YLL) in  DALY was 95.2% in men and 93.2% in women. The greatest part of the DALY was caused by lung cancer in men and by breast cancer in women. During the period 1985–2002 in Serbia, there was a significant rise in the mortality from overall cancers, and among the most frequent cancers, for lung, breast and cervical cancers. The increase in lung cancer mortality rates was more pronounced in women. Increasing cancer mortality trends stress the importance of implementing preventive measures that have proved effective in other countries, especially  screening for cervical cancer, the incidence of which in Serbia (25.8/100,000) was the highest in Europe.


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disability adjusted life years


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mortality rate: incidence rate (mortality to incidence rate ratio)


years of life lost


years lived with disability


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  • S. Sipetic-Grujicic
  • S. Jankovic
  • L. Markovic-Denic
  • J. Marinkovic

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