Quality of Life and Neuropsychological Symptoms in Primary Hyperparathyroidism

  • T. Weber
  • M. Keller
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 Primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT) is mostly caused by a single-gland parathyroid adenoma. Clinical manifestations of pHPT are osteitits fibrosa cystica, nephrolithiasis and peptic ulcer disease. In a considerable number of patients a decreased quality of life and neuropsychological symptoms as such fatigue, weakness, mood swings, depression, and anxiety are suspected.

The aim of this chapter is to provide a rigorous and critical review of studies evaluating health-related quality of life and neuropsychological symptoms in patients with pHPT before and after parathyroid surgery. Preoperative health-related quality of life was found to be markedly reduced in patients with pHPT in 7 of 8 studies. After parathyroidectomy, 8 of 12 studies described significantly improved physical symptoms and 11 of 12 studies found improved mental symptoms using the SF-36 ( Medical Outcomes Short Form Health Survey-36). Neuropsychological symptoms were measured with various instruments. Preoperatively, 5 of 9 studies showed higher scores for psychological symptoms in patients with pHPT than in controls. Postoperatively, 4 of 9 studies found a decrease in psychological symptoms after parathyroidectomy.

Health-related quality of life is reduced in pHPT and neuropsychological symptoms are found in a considerable number of patients. Parathyroid surgery is able to improve quality of life in patients with pHPT. Its influence on neuropsychological symptoms should be evaluated in further longitudinal studies.


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List of Abbreviations:


 beck depression inventory


 comprehensive psychopathological rating scale


familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia


 hospital anxiety and depression scale


hopkins symptom checklist


primary hyperparathyroidism


magnetic resonance imaging


 parathyroidectomy assessment of symptoms score


 Patient health questionnaire


parathyroid hormone


 symptom checklist revised


medical outcomes short form health survey - 36


single-photon emission computed tomography


 spielberger state-trait anxiety inventory


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