The Correlations Between the Presence of Comorbidities, Psychological Distress and Health-Related Quality of Life

  • M. Ekici
  • A. Ekici
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Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is an essential part of health outcome measurement in chronic disorders. Numerous factors related to chronic disorders might lead to a reduced HRQOL in patients. The influence of chronic diseases on quality of life (QOL) have been investigated in many studies.

Various disorders may differentially affect both QOL domains and overall QOL due to disease-specific factors, such as permanence, irreversibility, residual handicap, incurability and degeneration. Besides, the number of comorbidities as well as life-threatening and life-restricting characteristics of disorders also play a role in these differences. In addition, chronic diseases are more closely associated with physical disability rather than mental health problems.

Studies seeking an answer to the question of how quality of life is affected when a chronic medical disease was comorbid with psychological distress have yielded important results. Psychological distress itself is at least as important as the disease in the HRQOL of patients with chronic medical conditions. It makes a significant additional negative impact on the HRQOL in people with chronic medical conditions.


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List of Abbreviations:


congestive heart failure


chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


cumulative illness rating scale


diabetes mellitus


the fourth edition of diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders


12-item general health questionnaire


hospital and anxiety depression scale


health-related quality of life


myocardial infarction


physical component summary


short-form 12 health survey


short-form 36 health survey


St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire


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