Quality of Life in Group-Based Intervention Program in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • L. Oxelmark
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 Crohn’s disease (CD) and  ulcerative colitis (UC) are chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). The etiology of the diseases seems to be multifactorial whereas environmental and genetic factors play a substantial role, triggering an abnormal immune response. IBD are characterized by remitting diseases with acute exacerbations “flares” and periods of remission. During active disease IBD are often associated with debilitating symptoms such as diarrhea and abdominal pain. IBD mainly affects young people and the diseases have great impact on patients’  health related quality of life (HRQOL). Twenty to thirty percent of the patients are more or less refractory to standard medication and side effects from medical and surgical treatment is not uncommon. Living with a chronic disease is a stressful situation. Short-term stress has been shown not to trigger exacerbation in UC but long-term stress increases the risk of exacerbation over a period of months to years. The IBD-patient need to cope with the long-term effects of the disease, the uncertainty of the effects of medical treatment, sometimes lack of efficacy, makes support and education an important part of therapy. In this chapter several aspects on group based intervention programs for this patient group are discussed and a particular model is presented. Studies have shown considerably satisfaction among IBD patients participating in group based educations, although no major improvement in HRQOL has been revealed.


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List of Abbreviations:


Crohn’s disease


centre of epidemiological studies-depression scale




hospital anxiety and depression scale


health index


health related quality of life


inflammatory bowel disease


inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire


rating form of IBD patients concerns


short form 36


symptom check list 90 revised


sense of coherence


ulcerative colitis


visual analogue scale


ways of coping questionnaire


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