Quality of Life and Financial Measures in HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa

  • M. O. Bachmann
  • G. Louwagie
  • L. R. Fairall
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Several generic quality of life measures have been used in Southern African studies of HIV/AIDS, usually after translation of instruments developed in high income countries. The EuroQOL (EQ5D) instrument was used most often, usually accompanied by the VAS. It was also used in several cost utility analyses, for which it is especially useful. Other quality of life measures (FLI-C, SF36, WHO-QOL and HAT-QOL) were used infrequently. Locally developed instruments were also uncommon and included the Kaposi’s Sarcoma Module, the Satisfaction with Life Domains and Overall Satisfaction with Life and Global Happiness instruments. All of these measures were shown to be sensitive to the presence or absence of AIDS, to different levels of AIDS severity, or to treatment effects. Only the EQ5D and SF36 have been formally evaluated in terms of reliability. Several other instruments demonstrated internal consistency (that is, their components were correlated with each other). Economic studies of HIV/AIDS most commonly investigated the cost effectiveness of interventions, especially provision of antiretroviral treatment and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV. They used either original data from patient cohorts, or models based on evidence obtained elsewhere. Other studies have investigated the economic impact of HIV/AIDS on households and businesses. A  cohort study showed that household expenditure was more sensitive to AIDS effects than household income was. In this rapidly growing area, valid locally translated instruments are increasingly available for use by researchers, while high quality evidence from cohort studies grows.


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List of Abbreviations:


acquired immunodeficiency syndrome


antiretroviral treatment


disability-adjusted life year


EuroQOL 5 dimensions


functional living index – cancer


human immunodeficiency virus


HIV/AIDS-targeted quality of life


Kaposi’s sarcoma module


prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV


medical outcomes study short form 36


Joint United National Programme on AIDS


visual analogue scale


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  • G. Louwagie
  • L. R. Fairall

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