Nutrition and Quality of Life in Hemodialysis – the Impact of Nutritional Status and Quality of Life on Morbidity and Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients

  • B. Feldt-Rasmussen
  • T. A. Ikizler
  • K. Kalantar-Zadeh
  • J. D. Kopple
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Adult patients receiving chronic hemodialysis (CHD) frequently show clinical signs of deranged nutritional status (“ protein-energy wasting”). In addition to the fact that such patients are usually anorectic and are exposed to nutrient losses during dialysis, advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) and associated uremic milieu leads to metabolic changes that favor protein and energy catabolism over anabolism. The mortality rate of CHD patients is unacceptably high, and endpoints of morbidity and mortality in such patients have been correlated to such nutritional status measures as low lean body mass or low serum albumin. Physical debility and other symptoms frequently occur, posing challenges to lifestyle that make quality of life a common clinical issue in CHD patients. Validated tools for measuring quality of life during hemodialysis are available, including both generic (general health) and renal-disease-specific tools, sometimes having multidimensional scales. Quality of life endpoints in CHD patients have been positively correlated to such nutritional status measures as serum albumin. Even more importantly, endpoints of morbidity and mortality in CHD patients have been negatively correlated to quality of life measures. Clinical measures intended to improve nutritional status must tip the balance of catabolic/anabolic processes toward favoring anabolic processes. There are indications that treatment to target in accordance with internationally accepted guidelines early after initiation of CHD is of importance. There are also indications that treatment with anabolic agents such as growth hormone to improve nutritional status in such patients may be beneficial for improving quality of life measures and with a potential to reduce cardiovascular risk. Clinical trial confirmation of such findings is awaiting completion of larger ongoing studies.


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bone mineral density


body mass index


chronic hemodialysis


chronic kidney disease


C-reactive protein


the dialysis outcomes and practice patterns study


dual energy X-ray absorptiometry


end-stage renal disease




health related quality of life


insulin-like growth factor I




International Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism


kidney disease component summary


kidney disease quality of life


mental component summary (of KDQOL)


magnetic resonance imaging


near-infrared interactance


physical component summary (of KDQOL)


parathyroid hormone


short-form HRQOL scoring system (36 items)

TNF alpha

tumor necrosis factor alpha


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