Home Mechanical Ventilation and Quality of Life Measures

  • J. L. López-Campos
  • W. Windisch
  • I. Failde
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 Home mechanical ventilation (HMV) is a mode of ventilatory support for the treatment of  chronic respiratory failure (CRF) which is carried out in the home of the patient.  Ventilator-assisted individuals are composed of a mix of adult and pediatric patients with a variety of underlying medical conditions contributing to CRF. Current evidence about the therapeutic benefit of HMV is consistent, producing the alleviation of the symptoms of chronic  hypoventilation. As a consequence, HMV improves health-related quality of life (HRQL) in patients with chronic hypoventilation. This effect is maintained over time and is influenced by the progression of the disease among other factors. Although several generic or COPD-specific questionnaires used for HMV patients are available, the application of these questionnaires in HMV patients is problematic, as these questionnaires do not specifically target HRQL impairments that result from CRF. Accordingly, the need for adequate evaluation of HRQL in HMV patients has been addressed by the development of two condition-specific questionnaires, Maugeri Foundation Respiratory Failure item set (MRF-28) and the Severe Respiratory Insufficiency (SRI) Questionnaire. The MRF-28 is valid for patients with CRF due to COPD or  kyphoscoliosis, but somewhat unspecific with regard to the treatment modality, since not only HMV patients, but also those with  long-term oxygen therapy alone have been included in the validation study. In contrast, the SRI is highly valid for patients receiving  non-invasive HMV. Factors independently associated with HRQL in HMV patients are dyspnea, an obstructive pattern in pulmonary function tests, and the number of hospitalizations in the previous year. In addition, the underlying disease has been shown to significantly impact on HRQL with patients suffering from restrictive thoracic disorders, particularly those with kyphoscoliosis, reporting best HRQL. Other limiting factors such as the use of long-term oxygen therapy, number of hours of ventilation and type of mask are also suggested to influence HRQL perception in HMV patients.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patient Chronic Respiratory Failure Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire 
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List of Abbreviations:


 amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


bilevel positive airway pressure


centimeters of water


 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


chronic respiratory failure


chronic respiratory disease questionnaire


forced vital capacity


hospital anxiety and depression scale


home mechanical ventilation


health-related quality of life


SF-36 mental component summary


millimeters of mercury


Maugeri foundation respiratory failure item set


Nottingham health profile


neuromuscular Disease


obesity-hypoventilation syndrome


arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure


SF-36 physical component summary


sleep apnoea syndrome


MOS 36-item short-form health status survey


St. George’s respiratory questionnaire


sickness impact profile


severe respiratory insufficiency questionnaire


SRI questionnaire attendant symptoms and sleep subscale


SRI questionnaire anxiety subscale


SRI questionnaire physical functioning subscale


SRI questionnaire respiratory complaints subscale


SRI questionnaire social functioning subscale


SRI questionnaire social relationships subscale


SRI questionnaire summary scale


SRI questionnaire psychological well-being subscale




thoracic cage abnormalities


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