Quality of Life with Localized Prostate Cancer: Japanese Perspectives

  • S. Namiki
  • L. Kwan
  • Y. Arai
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With the established effectiveness of diverse treatments for localized prostate cancer, identification of the physical and psychological consequences of the disease and various treatments becomes critical. Race and ethnicity are important factors in health-related quality of life (HRQOL) because preferences and health system trust factors that are predominant in certain racial groups are likely to influence HRQOL and satisfaction with care. In Japan, increased screening for prostate cancer has lead to an increase in the apparent incidence of prostate cancer, and resulted in a shift to an earlier age and stage at diagnosis, a trend similar to that in US or European countries. The aim of this article is to selectively review the current research findings related to HRQOL for Japanese men with localized prostate cancer. Studies show that prostate cancer treatment affects both disease-specific HRQOL (i.e., urinary, sexual and bowel function and bother) as well as general HRQOL (i.e., energy/vitality, performance inn physical and social roles). In addition, race/ethnicity (Japanese vs. American men) independently predicted the patterns of urinary and sexual recovery up to 24 months after curative therapy for localized prostate cancer. More attention should be given to fully evaluating HRQOL in Asian populations including Japanese men with localized prostate cancer.


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androgen deprivation therapy


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health-related quality of life


prostate specific antigen


radical prostatectomy


watchful waiting


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  • L. Kwan
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  • Y. Arai
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  2. 2.David Geffen School of Medicine(SN, YA)Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center University of CaliforniaLos Angeles (LK)USA

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