Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients: An Overview of the Literature

  • A. Montazeri


Quality of life in patients with breast cancer is an important outcome. This chapter presents an overview of the literature on the topic ranging from descriptive findings to clinical trials. There is quite an extensive body of the literature on quality of life in breast cancer patients. Studies on quality of life in breast cancer have made a considerable contribution in improving breast cancer care, although their exact benefit is hard to define. Quality of life data in breast cancer patients provided scientific evidence for clinical decision-making and conveyed helpful information concerning breast cancer patients’ experiences during the course of the disease diagnosis, treatment, disease-free survival time, and recurrences; otherwise finding solutions for evidence-based selection of optimal treatments, psychosocial interventions, patient–physician communications, allocation of resources, and indicating research priorities were impossible. More qualitative research is needed for a better understanding of the topic. In addition, issues related to the disease, its treatment side effects and symptoms, and sexual functioning should receive more attention when studying quality of life in breast cancer patients.


Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Patient Body Image Advanced Breast Cancer Sexual Functioning 
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List of Abbreviations:




axillary lymph node dissection




breast cancer prevention trial eight symptom scale


BCPT symptom checklist


breast cancer chemotherapy questionnaire


breast conservation surgery


body image


body image after breast cancer questionnaire




cyclophosphamide, thiotepa, and carboplatin






European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer breast cancer specific quality of life questionnaire






functional assessment of cancer therapy breast cancer specific questionnaire


impact of arm morbidity subscale for FACT-B

FACT-B-plus ES

an endocrine symptom subscale for the FACT-B


functional assessment of cancer therapy-general


Fallowfield’s sexual activity questionnaire


future perspective


granulocyte colony stimulating factor


hospital anxiety and depression scale


linear analogue self-assessment


life satisfaction questionnaire






modified radical mastectomy


post-traumatic distress disorder


quality of life in adult cancer survivors


quality of life


Rotterdam symptom checklist


sexual enjoyment


sexual functioning


medical outcomes study short form survey


satisfaction with life domains scale for breast cancer


sentinel lymph node biopsy






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