Quality of Life Measures in Head and Neck Cancer

  • C. D. Llewellyn
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Quality of life (QOL) is an important patient reported outcome (PRO) in head and neck cancer (HNC) where survival rates remain at approximately 50% overall. HNC specific  Health Related Quality of Life (HR-QOL) instruments typically measure aspects of communication, swallowing, chewing, nutrition and cosmesis. Nine disease specific HR-QOL instruments have been published for patients with HNC focusing on a range of treatments and outcomes. Treatment for HNC results in medium term morbidity and depression, much of which has been shown to improve within 1 year. There is no clear evidence for the impact of disease and treatment on PROs such as QOL. The emotional sequelae and perception of physical limitations may be more important to the patient than the actual limitations resulting from HNC and treatment. This chapter highlights the insensitivity of general measures of HR-QOL to accurately illustrate HNC specific problems or treatment related effects. The majority of published studies do not interpret HR-QOL scores in terms of clinical relevance. Using a global or total score for examining effects of treatment induced change may not be appropriate for this patient group. Further research is needed into the potentially modifiable aspects of QOL or modifiable factors related to PROs in order to design appropriate interventions.


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List of Abbreviations:


cancer rehabilitation evaluation system – short form


the center for epidemiologic studies depression scale


The European Organisation for Research into Treatment of Cancer


The European Organisation for Research into Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire & Head and Neck Cancer specific module


the functional assessment of cancer therapy general scale


the functional assessment of cancer therapy head and neck scale


general health questionnaire


head and neck


head and neck cancer


the head and neck radiotherapy questionnaire


The University of Michigan head and neck quality of life questionnaire


health related quality of life


International Classification of Diseases


nodal status


 neck dissection


patient generated index


patient reported outcome


performance status scale for head & neck cancer


the quality of life instrument for head and neck cancer


the quality of life questionnaire for advanced head and neck cancer


quality of life


the quality of life – radiation therapy instrument/head and neck module




short form health survey (12-item)


short form health survey (36-item)


tumor stage


The University of Washington quality of life questionnaire


World Health Organisation


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