Quality of Life Measures in the Elderly and Later Life

  • S. Evans
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 Quality of life (QOL) is a long established concept that has proliferated across professional and academic disciplines, and is applied extensively in clinical research and practice around the world, in many fields of healthcare. The term is associated with a wide range of theoretical models, approaches to measurement and measures, which in healthcare alone encompass generic, health-related and disease-specific models. This diversity contributes to a huge literature on the subject, which can be difficult to find one’s way around, especially for the uninitiated. The purpose of this chapter is to review recent measures of quality of life for  older people and to highlight their applicability for clinical research and evaluation. Distinguishing between measures of  health status, functioning, HRQOL and QOL as it is generally understood, the content and psychometric properties of existing measures are considered in order that readers can make informed choices about the concepts and measures that are of relevance to them.


Life Satisfaction Life Quality Nottingham Health Profile Personal Wellbeing Index Sickness Impact Profile 
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List of Abbreviations:


brief screening questionnaire


Euroqol 5D


functional assessment inventory


general health questionnaire-20


geriatric quality of life questionnaire


health related quality of life


health utilities index 3


instrumental activities of daily living


life satisfaction in elderly scales


multidimensional functional assessment questionnaire


multidimensional quality of life


nottingham health profile


philadelphia geriatric center multilevel assessment


patient generated index


quality of life


quality of life profile – seniors version


Quality in later life


repertory grid technique


self evaluation of individual quality of life


self evaluation of life


short form 36


sickness impact profile




World Health Organization QOL Old


wellness index


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