Quality of Life Measures in Children with Cancer

  • C. H. Yeh
  • Y.-P. Kung
  • Y.-C. Chiang
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Health related quality of life (HRQL) in pediatric oncology patients has gained much attention in the past three decades due to the advances in medical technology which has dramatically increased survival rates. The purpose of this review is to identify, describe and critique HRQL measures developed or applied in pediatric oncology patients. Considerable progress has been made in the development of HRQL for pediatric oncology patients in the past two decades. Measures reviewed in this chapter have been examined for many factors: multidimensional constructs, patient’s subjective assessment, as well as supplemental information provided by parents or healthcare providers. Evidence of strong psychometric qualities has also been provided for the studies reviewed here. Still, there are problems regarding HRQL measures for pediatric oncology patients which need to be solved, including additional consensus of conceptual and operation definitions of HRQL. Issues related to concordances of proxy agreement remain. Few HRQL measures have taken developmental issues into account, especially for younger children. Interpretation of quantitative HRQL may ignore the qualitative meaning to children’s perception of HRQL.


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List of Abbreviations:


adolescent resilience model


child health and illness


child health questionnaire


child health rating inventories


functional status II


health care professionals


health related quality of life


health utilities index


pediatric cancer quality of life inventory


quality of life in children and adolescents with cancer


pediatric quality of life inventory™


pediatric oncology quality of life scale


play performance scale for children


quality of life for children with cancer


quality of well being


World Health Organization



This review was supported by a grant to Dr. Yeh from National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan (Grant number: NHRI-EX95–9302PI) and National Science Council (NSC94–2314-B-182–014). Special thanks to Dr. Susan Jay for the manuscript editing.


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