Quality of Life in Kidney Transplantation

  • M. Veroux
  • D. Corona
  • V. B. Patel
  • P. Veroux
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Kidney transplantation is the best modality of renal replacement for patients on hemodialysis for end-stage renal disease. 1-year graft and patient survival, thanks to the improvement in surgical techniques and immunosuppression management, is now up to 90%. In this view, the attention of the clinics has shifted toward health-related quality of life (HRQOL) as the best indicator of medical care in kidney transplant recipients. A number of tools have been suggested for this purpose, but the 36-item short-form has been widely adopted as indicator of quality of life in this population of transplanted patients. In general, HRQOL assessment improves after transplantation in functional and physical domains when compared with dialysis, but kidney recipients scored worse than the healthy general population. HRQOL may be negatively influenced by several factors, including co-morbidity conditions, kidney function, employment status and immunosuppressive medications side effects. Perceived physical appearance, issues related to sexuality, stress anxiety and even guilty may complicate the emotional and psychological status of kidney transplant recipients. Many events, such as non-adherence to treatment, especially in pediatric and adolescent population, may be significantly influenced by HRQOL. In this view, there is a clear need to adopt standardized methodologies to improve our ability to identify the population of recipients in whom the HRQOL may be worse, in order to provide them with a patient-centered medical and psychological support.


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expanded criteria donor


end-stage renal disease


health-related quality of life


living related donor


quality of life


short-form 36


United Network for Organ Sharing


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