Health-Related Quality of Life and Prioritization Strategies in Waiting Lists: Spanish Aspects

  • M. Núñez
  • E. Núñez
  • J. M. Segur
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In developed countries, both increases in life expectancy and advances in health technology have resulted in  waiting lists (WL) in the majority of national health systems, where citizens have the right to universal health care and protection. The health and social problems generated by WL have led to measures to minimize their impact. In Spain, maximum guaranteed WL times have been established and supply has been increased by increasing productivity and resources. Most studies on WL have been aimed at establishing priorities based on explicit criteria developed through the participation and consensus of health professionals, patients and the general public. In addition, strategies have been incorporated to improve surgical indications and diagnostic tests. Some studies have exclusively centered on the use of  health-related quality of life (HRQL) measures, which assess the health benefits that directly affect the welfare of the patient. Elective surgical procedures, mainly cataracts and hip and knee arthroplasties are responsible for the most difficult waiting lists in terms of numbers and waiting list time. This chapter presents a view of this complex problem in Spain, based on existing studies and centered on surgical WL and HRQL.


Cataract Surgery Total Knee Replacement Conjoint Analysis Wait List Total Joint Arthroplasties 
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List of Abbreviations:


Autonomous Communities


Activities of Daily Living


 Conjoint Analysis


Health-Related Quality of Life


 Health Utilities Index Mark 3


Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs




Reference Population Values


Medical Outcomes Study Short Form-36


 Sickness Impact Profile


Spanish National Health System


 Therapeutic Education and Functional Readaptation


Total Hip Replacement


 Total Knee Replacement


Visual Analogue Scale


 Visual Function Index


Waiting Lists


Waiting List Time


 Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index



We wish to thank F. Segura, D. Buss and R. Ortega for their help.


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  • E. Núñez
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