Principles and Applications of Microarray Gene Expression in Pancreatic Cancer

  • Malte Buchholz
  • Thomas M. Gress
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Like most other malignancies, pancreatic cancer is a polygenic disease arising from the accumulation of multiple genetic and epigenetic defects in the affected cells. DNA arrays offer the possibility to monitor the expression levels of thousands of mRNA transcripts simultaneously in a single assay, making them ideal tools to study the complex network of transcriptional changes that are associated with the malignant transformation of normal cells. Expression profiling analyses are rapidly expanding our knowledge of pancreatic cancer biology, laying the basis for the development of more sophisticated diagnostic procedures and more effective treatment modalities. Moreover, microarrays can directly be employed as highly sophisticated diagnostic tools in the clinic, enabling the extraction of much more detailed and differentiated diagnostic information from biopsy samples than single molecular markers or conventional diagnostic procedures can provide.


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