Anderson, Oskar

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Anderson, Oskar (1887–1960) was an important member of the Continental School of Statistics; his contributions touched upon a wide range of subjects, including correlation, time series analysis, nonparametric methods and sample survey, as well as econometrics and statistical applications in social sciences.

Anderson, Oskar received a bachelor degree with distinction from the Kazan Gymnasium and then studied mathematics and physics for a year at the University of Kazan. He then entered the Faculty of Economics at the Polytechnic Institute of St. Petersburg, where he studied mathematics, statistics and economics.

The publications of Anderson, Oskar combine the traditions of the Continental School of Statistics with the concepts of the English Biometric School, particularly in two of his works: “Einführung in die mathematische Statistik” and “Probleme der statistischen Methodenlehre in den Sozialwissenschaften”.

In 1949, he founded the journal Mitteilungsblatt für Mathematische Statistik...

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