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Alteration, replacement

  • D. R. Bowes
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Albitization —introduction of, or replacement by, albite, usually replacing a more calcic plagioclase.

Amphibolization —introduction of, or replacement by, amphibole minerals.

Analcimization —replacement of feldspars or feldspathoids by analcime (analcite) usually in igneous rocks during late- and postmagmatic stages.

Autometamorphism —alteration of an igneous rock by the action of its own volatile constituents (e.g., serpentinization of peridotite, saussuritization and uralitization of gabbro); the process is deuteric rather than metamorphic.

Autometasomatism , autopneumatolysis—(see  Metasomatism;  Pneumatolysis).

Biotitization —introduction of, or replacement by, biotite.

Chloritization —introduction of, or replacement by, chlorite.

Damouritization —the process whereby the aluminous silicates (e.g., feldspars) of a rock are transformed into damourite (a variety of muscovite).

Deuteric alteration(synantexis)—alteration in an igneous rock produced during the later stages,...

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