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Alkaline rocks—undersaturated: other petrological terms

  • D. R. Bowes
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In addition to the more commonly used rock names (see Alkaline rocks—undersaturated), many local names have been given to varieties of nepheline syenite, ijolite and related rocks, essexite, theralite, and teschenite (Holmes, 1928; Johannsen, 1938; Sørensen, 1974; Bates and Jackson, 1987). Of these the majority are little used, some have been withdrawn and a number are not recommended for use by Bates and Jackson (1987).

The following terms have been used for nepheline syenites and related rocks.

Assyntite —an aegirine augite-bearing nepheline syenite with abundant sphene (Assynt, Scotland).

Beloeilite —a sodalite syenite or feldspar-bearing tawite.

Borolanite —a melanite-nepheline syenite with abundant orthoclase and melanite, and subordinate nepheline, biotite, and pyroxene (Loch Borrolan (Borolan), Scotland).

Campanite —a pseudoleucite-bearing effusive equivalent of nepheline syenite; also a variety of leucite tephrite.

Canadite—a nepheline syenite intermediate between...

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