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The appinite suite, which occurs in pipe-like intrusions in the British Caledonides, includes ultrabasic-ultramafic (peridotite, pyroxenite, hornblendite), basic to intermediate (kentallenite and many varieties of diorite), and acidic (granodiorite) types. Abundant amphibole is a common characteristic. A cluster of intrusions in the parish of Appin in W Scotland ( Fig. 1) formed the basis for the term appinite ( Bailey and Maufe, 1916) and for the demonstration of the subvolcanic characters of the masses and their association with explosion-breccia ( Fig. 2). Another cluster 50 km to the SE includes the Garabal Hill intrusion, which Nockolds (1941) used as a basis for proposing that the spatially-related and much more voluminous granitic plutons were genetically related to the appinite suite. Small clusters and isolated pipes occur in other parts of Scotland and a major cluster occurs in County Donegal, Eire ( Fig. 7). Here, as elsewhere, there is a spatial association of appinites with...
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