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Earthquakes: Volcanogenic

  • R. S. Crosson
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Volcanoes are among the most seismically active features on earth, producing up to thousands of small earthquakes per day during eruptive episodes. For this reason, the studies of both volcanoes and earthquakes share a long history; seismographs were installed near the beginning of operation at some of the first volcano observatories, such as those at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii and Mount Vesuvius in Italy. Volcanoes give rise to a remarkable diversity of seismic signals, and the origin of some of the more unusual types is still debated within the scientific community. Certain types of earthquakes such as volcanic tremor seem to be uniquely associated with volcanoes. Seismology plays a crucial role in the monitoring and short-term prediction of volcanic eruptions and seismological observations have improved our understanding of the internal workings and structure of volcanic systems, providing opportunities to gain new insights on earthquake sources.

Observations and Monitoring


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