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Leadership Within Higher Education: Social Reproduction and Tensions in Producing Innovation

  • Chris M. LucasEmail author
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Although much can be learned from the past in order to improve the future, leadership behaviors and strategies within higher education settings must pursue innovation. To remain stagnate, to only reproduce, does not best position an institution, or society, for current and future success. There is an obvious and important tension between innovation and ongoing practices of social reproduction. Innovation in higher education represents two related concepts: (1) creating improvements to practice, often through new ways of doing so and regardless of scope, and (2) arguably, most importantly, having these improvements prove applicable and effective within higher education and among the many stakeholders. Social reproduction is continuing what already exists. In addition, being innovative without also being ethically useful offers little true benefit.

The impacts of leaders are too many for leadership to remain unchanged; we simply must ethically improve our work in order to...

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