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Early Childhood Education (ECE) Philosophies and Services

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Early childhood education (ECE) is many different things, operating in different ways, reflecting diverse sociocultural contexts and with differing philosophies of childhood, learning, and teaching (Brooker et al. 2014; Pearson and Degotardi 2016). This entry is organized in four parts starting with an overview of diversity of approaches. The second part considers key structural forms of ECE provided, while the third part provides a brief overview of internationally recognized philosophies which guide pedagogy and what happens day to day in an ECE setting. Finally, there is a brief discussion and conclusion which includes acknowledgment that early learning is also happening in the home and community, not just in institutional settings.

It is challenging to try to differentiate between what is an ECE provision and what is an ECE philosophy. Some countries classify service provision according to different kinds of funding (e.g., in New Zealand kindergartenis reported as a...

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