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Teacher as Moral Model

  • Chia-Ling WangEmail author
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Institutionalized education has faced numerous challenges nowadays. The teacher’s role has become increasingly multifaceted. They need to cope with various problems that students cause in schools. Role modelling is a method to teach moral education to students (Narinasamy and Logeswaran 2015). The teacher as a role modelling is an effective method to influence students’ academic and personal growth. For the moral development of learners, good examples must be set. It would be appropriate if teachers themselves are these good examples. Moral model is an essential role for teachers. This concept has been acknowledged in Asian educational traditions for a long time, such as Chinese Confucian culture. In this article, first, the moral role of being a teacher is described from the Eastern traditional perspective, particularly with relation to Confucianism and Buddhism. These two cultural approaches emphasize the importance of teacher’s role. Both of them value teacher’s good...

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This research was sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, under project number 106-2628-H-019-001-MY2


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