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Catholic Education and the Church’s Concern for the Marginalized

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The Goal of Education: The All-Round Formation of the Human Person

All Indian Catholic Education Policy aims at the all-round formation of the human person: it seeks to develop his/her intellectual faculties to enable him/her to judge rightly, to foster a respect for human values, and to develop his/her creative and aesthetic faculties. It equips him/her for his/her professional life. It seeks to contribute to the formation of a strong character and helps the person concerned toward a conscious choice of living a responsible and coherent way of life. It makes a young person capable of critically evaluating the world in which he/she lives and making free, intelligent, and responsible decisions for the good of human society.

While moral/value education is given to all students, Catholics are given formation in their faith by competent religion teachers. They are also provided with opportunity to nurture their sacramental life and strengthen their Christian convictions through classes,...

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