Single-Mode Fibers for High Speed and Long-Haul Transmission

  • John D. DownieEmail author
  • Ming-Jun Li
  • Sergejs Makovejs
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The design and manufacture of optical fibers have evolved over time as optical system technologies and data rates have changed. Fiber characteristics and parameters that were important for previous system generations may be different now in the era of coherent transmission systems with data rates of 100 Gb/s and higher for long-haul (LH) and ultra-long-haul (ULH) transmission links. New systems are designed with no in-line optical dispersion compensation so that all dispersion compensation is performed digitally in the transmitter and receiver. In this system approach, attenuation and nonlinear tolerance are the fiber characteristics that have the largest impact on overall system performance. In this chapter, we examine the history of single-mode fiber designs and quantify differences in performance of various fibers. This is done mainly in the context of conventional repeatered LH and ULH systems, with a brief consideration of the special case of long single-span unrepeatered systems. Practical aspects of different fibers are also considered, including bend performance and splice loss.


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