Measurement of Optical Fiber Laser

  • Haifeng QiEmail author
  • Weitao Wang
  • Jian Guo
  • Zhiqiang Song
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As one of the key photonic devices, optical fiber laser has been playing an important role in the fiber communications and laser physics. In research, development, and application of fiber lasers, it is necessary to apply a range of measurement techniques for characterization and evaluation. This chapter introduces the main characteristics of optical fiber laser and describes related characterization and measurement techniques. Firstly, the history of fiber laser is briefly reviewed, and different types of fiber lasers are introduced. Then the theoretical definitions and experimental measurements of typical parameters for fiber lasers have been described in details.



Authors are thankful for the financial support of National Natural Science Foundation of China (61605103), Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China(ZR2016FM33) and Key Research and Development Program of Shandong Province (2018GGX101030).


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