Optical Fiber Sensor Network and Industrial Applications

  • Qizhen SunEmail author
  • Zhijun Yan
  • Deming Liu
  • Lin Zhang
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For many of sensing applications, multiplexed sensor networks which can map the sensing signal of a large structure or surveying at complex conditions are required, greatly promoting the development of the fiber optic sensor network with large capacity. In this chapter, three typical fiber optic sensor networks and their applications will be introduced. Firstly, the ultra-weak fiber Bragg grating (UWFBG) sensor networks with ultra-large capacity for quasi-distributed and continuous distributed sensing in a single fiber link are investigated, which is realized by the multiplexing of UWFBGs or UWFBG based Fabry-Parot interferometers (FPI). Secondly, special fiber grating sensor networks with advanced functions and competitive performances, including the tilted fiber grating (TFG) sensors or distributed Bragg grating fiber laser (DBRFL) sensors multiplexed in a single fiber, are investigated. Thirdly, fiber optic sensors passive optical networks (SPON) with good adaptability, high extendibility, and great flexibility are comprehensively studied, which includes the star topology SPON and the tree topology SPON for colored sensors and colorless sensors accessing. For each type of sensor network, the sensor structures, networking mechanisms, system architectures, demodulation methods, and typical sensing performances are systematically discussed. Moreover, the developed systems or equipment and field tests for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, especially for resource exploration, geophysics, infrastructure, medical diagnosis, food quality, and security control, are presented.


Fiber optic sensor network Fiber grating sensor network Fiber optic distributed sensing Senor passive optical network 


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