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Decommissioning of Floating Platforms

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When the floating platforms reach the end of their lives or the oil field is exhausted, the platforms will be decommissioned. For floating platforms, there are two main decommissioning options: direct dismantling and reuse. The dismantling process of floating platform includes the following steps: (1) platform removal preparation, (2) well plugging and abandonment, (3) pipeline and flowline decommissioning, (4) structure removal, and (5) site clearance and verification (Kaiser and Liu 2015).

Scientific Fundamentals

Basic Decommissioning Method

Different types of floating platform will lead to different disassembly schemes:
  1. 1.

    Decommissioning of semisubmersible platform

    For semisubmersible platforms, the piles anchoring the structure to the seabed will remain in place, but the chains and cables will be removed. The upper chain sections will be removed with the HLV during hull removal. Cables will be removed with anchor handling vessels with twin wench spools. The risers can...

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