Education in Geriatric Psychiatry

  • Ipsit V. VahiaEmail author
  • Paul D. Kirwin
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The rapidly expanding population of elderly, many of whom will experience a form of mental illness, argues for more providers with geriatric psychiatry expertise. Fellowship training in geriatric psychiatry provides a comprehensive experience in the diagnosis and management of psychiatric illness in late life. Few psychiatry trainees are choosing this critical subspecialty, despite alarming public health needs. Multifaceted policy efforts are needed to increase the geriatric psychiatry workforce. Mentorship, in medical school and residency, are key components in the development of a career interest in geriatric psychiatry. Strategies to increase recruitment into the field include structural changes to training programs and financial incentives such as loan repayment. Despite an evolving economic landscape, the decision to enter geriatric psychiatry remains a decision of the heart: a calling to take care of our most vulnerable citizens.


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