Hinduism and Tribal Religions

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(1) Vedic divinity (2) Mythical heroine

Savitri, derived from the Sanskrit, means to stimulate or propel. The word occurs in several contexts in the Hindu tradition.

Savitri as a Vedic Divinity

Savitri is Savitr or Surya, the Sun God; one among the panchadevas of the Vedic period, including Indra, Mitra, Varuna, and Soma [7]. Savitri is the progenitor of life, the Supreme Being who propels thought and action and inspires higher consciousness. Savitri is the sun in his intense, vivid, and radiant aspect. The dazzling light of Savitri illuminates the earth, infusing energy to every living being and vivifying every inanimate object. As the king in heaven, Savitri imparts immortality to all gods [6]. Savitri as Surya is also one of the Adityas, the sons of the Vedic goddess Aditi and the sage, Rishi Kashyap. Savitri has associations with many Vedic rites. Several Vedic hymns are devoted to Savitri. The Brahmans, or upper-caste, twice-born Hindu males, worship the solar god as Savitri each...

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