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Kane, P.V.

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Pandurang Vaman Kane is a great name among the galaxy of scholars who worked indefatigably to mine and propagate the great knowledge of the Indic civilization hidden in the Dharmasutras and Dharmasastras. A great indologist, Bharat Ratna Pandurang Vaman Kane was born in 1880 in a village called Pedhem or Parasnrama near Chiplun in the Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra. A great professor of Sanskrit and Vice Chancellor of Bombay University, P V Kane was nominated to the Parliament for his distinguished achievements. Being a prolific writer, his writings in English, Sanskrit, and Marathi run in more than 15,000 pages.

Scholar and His Works

The most significant work of P V Kane was the encyclopedic work the History of Dharmaśāstra. The first volume of the History of Dharmaśāstrawas published in 1930. It deals with the chronology and relative importance of famous and less-known writers and works and covers 760 pages. It begins with an introduction that gives idea and the...


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