Higher Education Systems and Institutions, Sudan

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Historical Background

The Republic of the Sudan is situated in the North Eastern part of Africa. Its area is 1,865,813 square kilometres making it the third largest country in Africa and the Arab countries and the 16th in the world.

Sudan is a multiethnic, multilingual, and multireligious country with a population of around 42 million people.

Sudan achieved its independence in 1956 from the British and Egyptian rule, what used to be known as the Anglo Egyptian Sudan (1898–1956). It was the first sub-Saharan African country to achieve Independence.

Sudan is primarily an agriculture country with nearly 80% of its population engaged in agriculture and pastoral activities. Since the late 1990s, oil and minerals, especially gold, began to contribute to the Sudanese economy. However, agriculture and animal husbandry remain the backbone of the Sudanese economy.

Modern education system in the Sudan was introduced by the British Colonial Administration with the opening in 1902 of the Gordon...

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