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Higher Education Systems and Institutions, Serbia

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Higher Education System Development

Higher education in Serbia has its origins in the beginning of the nineteenth century with the establishment of the College in Belgrade in 1808 by the enlightenment figure Dositej Obradović.

Thirty years later, the Lyceum was founded in the town of Kragujevac. Transferred to Belgrade in 1841, the Lyceum opened its Law Department, in addition to the already existing Philosophy Department. On September 24, 1863, the Law on the Advanced School Founding was adopted. It was by power of this Law that the Lyceum was transformed into the The Higher School (Visoka škola). Early in 1905, the Act on Universities was passed, and Visoka škola was transformed into the University of Belgrade. The Act granted the academic freedom, stating that “the teachers are free to present their knowledge.” The University of Belgrade was the most important academic institution of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1918–1941) and the one of three universities in the Kingdom (besides the...


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