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Internationalization of Higher Education, Emerging Economy Perspectives

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The definitions that guide this chapter relate to the duality of its focus. Firstly, internationalization of higher education is the “intentional process of integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose, functions and delivery of post-secondary education, in order to enhance the quality of education and research for all students and staff, and to make a meaningful contribution to society” (De Wit et al. 2015, p. 283).

It is also defined as “an acute awareness of different nations in the world and the active, willing movement across national boundaries in processes of exchange. Internationalisation is intensified by globalization, but respects and supports the idea of nationalities and the sovereignty of nations” (Jooste and Naude 2005, p. 137).

Meanwhile, defining emerging economies in relation to higher education’s internationalization...


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